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Brand: PONY

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Brand: PONY
Weigth: 15 grams
Length: 1 metres
Country: INDIA

An innovative way to create Norwegian and "Fair Isle" style jerseys through three eyelets. Is knitting with multiple colors difficult? Not with the innovative and practical knitting thimble "TheKnitRing" makes it easy to knit up to three colors, easy to use even for beginners who can easily make creative knitting projects. "TheKnitRing" knitting thimble fits perfectly on every finger thanks to its flexible and regular band. It is made of comfortable soft plastic and provides a secure grip with every movement, even when hands are sweaty. The threads are kept separate and neat and always within reach, thus eliminating the hassle of the tangled ball of wool. Simply guide the main yarn through the orange slider and place the decorative threads on the knitting loop. The slider makes it easy to position the main yarn for knitting: if the main yarn is not needed, it can simply be pushed behind the others. Suitable for wools between 2 mm and 6 mm thick.

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